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Make secure online backups of your data

BackupLife allows you to make secure online backups of your Windows data. View full description


  • Extremely secure
  • Uses SMS to authorise data movements
  • Slick, clean interface


  • Requires subscription payments


BackupLife allows you to make secure online backups of your Windows data.

BackupLife has no data limits and claims to be extremely secure with because it used an SMS text to your phone (like some internet banking services) to save, access and authorize data movements. Data is stored in in two separate data centers for maximum security and in addition, encrypted with a 256-bit key. BackupLife is very easy to use but if you have problems, there's even a customer support number to ring.

BackupLife is an application that will back up all the data on your computer via the internet to a secure data center.

Up to 10GB free for your backups.

BackupLife will back up all the data on your computer to a secure data center. All you need to do is register, and the application will back up your existing data, and will automatically back up new and changed files so that you won’t lose something you delete by accident.

1. Unlimited space. You can back up as much data as you want without worrying about exceeding capacity.

2. Perfect security. Your data is stored in two separate data centers. Data transmissions are encrypted with a 256-bit key, and data is encrypted again on the server.

The application is very easy to use. It was designed for regular internet users, so registration and application installation is something anyone can manage.

Unlimited Space

We offer truly unlimited space for your data. With us, you can back up everything that is important to you, worry free.

The Best Price

Download a 15-day trial version and try out all the benefits of the BackupLife service.

Easy to Use

Installation and registration is more than simple.

Highly Secure

Data transmission is encrypted with a 256-bit certificate and data on the server is re-encrypted.



BackupLife BackupLife 1.6.1

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    "This Application is Very, Very Slow."

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